About that Guy

1984 - Born and raised in North Lebanon, Zgharta in the winter, Ehden during the summer (20 min drive up to the mountains depends on who's driving).

2002 - Moved to Kaslik to study Computer Science at Holy spirit university (USEK). 3 years later, I got an opportunity to transfer to Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA (suburbs of Seattle)

2005 - Boarded my first time flight headed to Seattle, WA at age 21 (luckily, it was legal age to consume alcohol in the US). First semester took a lot of adjustments. Second semester got much more exciting escpecially when I got accepted to intern at Nintendo.

2006 - Flew back to Lebanon and started working at al Kalam al Electroni [القلم الالكتروني] building mobile games, (offshore R&D for DigiPen) . Suddenly, In less than a month, a regonial conflict led to the destruction of most bridges, power plants, airport, etc. (If you're interested in getting a small taste, watch Anthony Bourdain's episode in Beirut). Life became very difficult so I decided to go back to Redmond and complete my Masters in Computer Science at DigiPen.

2006 (Summer) - Came back to the US. This time around it was much easier, mainly because I was joined by few of my classmates from Lebanon, where a couple of them became my roommates/classmates/best friends/co-workers/brothers. (Patrick lives in Seattle today and Karim is close by in San Mateo).

2007 - to be continued

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